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Child-related credits can
cut your taxes
-February 21, 2011


Are you a parent? Give yourself some credit — a child-related tax credit, that is. Here are two that can reduce your 2010 federal income tax liability.

How to save at the grocers
-February, 2011


If you're serious about slashing household expenses, it's important to focus on costs you can control. Some items such as mortgage and utility payments may claim a large slice of the budget pie, but they're either fixed or relatively inflexible. Banks, for example, expect...

Prepare a home inventory
-January, 2011


Preparing an inventory of your personal possessions can seem daunting. If you're like many Americans, your "stuff" has been accumulating for years, and you've lost or tossed many of the documents that evidence ownership. Without such evidence, insurance companies may not...

Watch out for ATM fraud
-January, 2011


Back in your grandfather's day, withdrawing cash from a bank usually involved contact with a real person. Back then, criminals had to be very bold. They entered a financial institution — Bonnie and Clyde style — and demanded cash at the point of a gun. Or they tunneled into the bank
after hours...